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Mind Over Practice: Integrated Perspectives on Health and Performance, is about the body,  mind, and well-being of performing artists. Oftentimes, performers are so use to rigerous practice and the excellence demand that we forget to take care of ourselves. There is an immense pressure we feel to be "perfect" and secure a job that we are almost expected to fight through our mental and physical pain. Not anymore! 

Mind Over Practice offers ideas on how to restructure your practice that includes healthy, adequate breaks. In addition to that, Mind Over Practice is about enhancing your artistic development and becoming the performer you've always wanted to be. I tackle the myths in the performing arts and encourage you to find your artistic voice in the healthiest ways.


Through Mind Over Practice I offer advice, support, and consultations regarding artistic development, tactics to tackling performance anxiety, enforcing healthy practice habits and more. Check out my posts below and feel free to contact me at my email In addition, follow Mind Over Practice on Instagram for daily updates! For more about consultations and coachings, please find my Lessons tab on my website.

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